An illustration of an envelope, paper, colorful stamps, and a pencil with the project's name in various, colorful lettering.
Monday, January 11, 2021

January 11, 2021

Chatham, IL - The Chatham Area Public Library is embarking on the quest to connect community members during this season of winter and quarantine through their Connect Write Away Pen Pal Project. The Library’s hope is to reach Chatham-area residents who may be feeling the pangs of isolation and wish to rekindle a sense of connectedness with others through letter writing. 

The Pen Pal Project is open to adults and youth ages 7+ (with parental supervision) and is intended to be friendly, kind, and social in nature. Those interested in participating must sign up by January 24, 2021. They will then be matched with a Pen Pal, will receive a Pen Pal Kit with stationary and writing prompt ideas, and agree to write at least three letters to their Pen Pals by April 1, 2021. 

“The act of letter writing is meaningful”, says Library Director, Amy Byers, “It requires effort and thoughtfulness which, in turn, is felt by the recipient. Through our Pen Pal Program, we hope to spread that sense of care and connection throughout the Chatham community.” For more details or to sign up for the Connect Write Away Pen Pal Project, visit the Library’s website at

Please direct any questions to Megan Freeman at 217-483-2713 or [email protected].